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Sifnos is located in the Western Cyclades and is a 3 hour ferry ride from Athens. It is a beautifully compact island with traditional Cycladic architecture, rugged mountains, terraces of olive trees and sparkling white churches. There are several sandy beaches with crystal clear water and the rocks at Chrissopigi & Poulati are great for snorkelling.

Sifnos is famous for its ceramics and several of the traditional pottery workshops still use clay from the island. Many Sifnian houses are decorated with local pottery or a terracotta clay chimney cover called a ’flaros’.

The island is noted for its excellent standard of cuisine with a large choice of tavernas serving their own home grown produce. Locally made cheese, honey, olive oil and wine are available to purchase.

Various events take place throughout the year including an annual food festival, photography exhibitions, music concerts and church festivals

Wherever you stay in Sifnos there is always a traditional waterside taverna, a picturesque fishing village or scenic countryside close by.

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